Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to complete the course in the same month?
A: No, you have 12 months to complete the course

Q: Do I have to start the course as soon as I order it?
A: No, it will remain in your account profile until you are ready.

Q: What if I start the exam and am not able to finish it in one sitting?
A: You can simply click “save” and your answers will be there when you log back into your account.

Q: What if I miss some of the questions and what is a master exam?
A: Our CE courses are based on the new master exam process. After you submit your test, any missed answers will come back highlighted. You are allowed unlimited corrections to ensure you have mastered the exam with a 100% passing score.

Q: How do I take my exam?
A: Click on the “Log In/Take Exam” button found on the left side of the screen. Then, type in the email address and password you created when you registered. Your exam will appear.

Q: Can I track my CEU’s?
A: Your CEU certificates are stored in yourprofile for future reference. You will never lose your certificates again and will always know how many hours you have earned!

Q: What if I am audited?
A: You can quickly reprint your CEU certificates and email them in our ready to send pdf format.
Note: All CEU exams should be completed at least 24 hours prior to your renewal date. Completing an exam the day of your license renewal will not guarantee licensing board approval.

Q: Will my state social work board accept your CEU certificate?
A: CEU Outlet has a 100% acceptance rate since 1999 nationwide. CEU Outlet, Inc. is a Kansas based company in business since 1999. Kansas Behavioral Science Regulatory Board Provider #02-001. We serve social workers, counselors and psychologists across the country with a focus in Kansas, Missouri, Texas, Arizona and Washington. Participants are still encouraged to verify approval with their state board standards. CEU Outlet meets the “online” CEU compliance standards of International Institute of Education Standards, a professional CEU standards and regulation body for CEU providers in the social service field.

Q: How long do I have to complete the online exam?
A: Two Years

Q: What is a passing score?
A: On-Line Exam- Competency Guarantee. You are allowed to make corrections upon submission of your answers to ensure learning competency.

Q: How long does it take to receive my CEU certificate?
A: Immediately upon passing your exam. You must have Adobe Reader on your PC.

Q: What is an On-Line Course?
A: Our On-Line Courses are based on articles and publications from leading organizations and experts in the field. Questions and answers are computer generated. You may then print your official CEU certificate.

Q: I have never done an on-line course before, what if I don’t know how?
A: It was designed with this in mind. We are confident that once you try one of our courses, you will look forward to the ease and convenience of our on-line programs.

  1. Click on the course you want and create an account using your email/password
  2. Add more courses as you like (click on red x to remove a course from payment box)
  3. Make Payment
  4. Take exam now or later (save answers if you like and finish later)
  5. Your certificate will appear and will be ready to print

Q: I used to have the on-line courses mailed to my home?
A: The same material is now sent to your account profile for you to read or print if you choose. You will love the online exam as it notifies you of any missed answers, allows for corrections and stores your CEU certificate for you.

Q: What is a Book Course?
A: Our Book Courses are mailed to you. You keep the book for your personal library. You still take the exam “on-line” and it will be stored in your profile for future reference.

Q: Do you charge extra for shipping on Book Courses?
A: Our prices are slightly higher on book courses to cover additional costs.